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    I have had many sexscapades over my time here and I willing to one of them with you here today as i know it will make you just as hot as makes me every time i think about it as well. So here goes

    I just turned 19 a few weeks and was starting to work out at the gym and while doing some sets a milf walked over and dropped a one liner i never heard before and still cant repeat today but that is all it took for me to start to pursue her.

    So after a couple of weeks of working we passed each other on the way to the changing room and so i started up a conversation that lead to us going for some coffee and from there it took me only a cup of Joe to convince her to take me back to her place and fuck her brains our for hours.

    Sad thing after a great night of sex she tells me she is leaving the country for a few years as she joined the service and was due to take off next week.

    Never heard anything from her after that but it was no doubt the great night of sex i have ever had up until that point in ym life.

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